MSHS Student Handbook

Principal's Welcome Message

Happy 22-23 School Year Wildcats - I am beyond excited to meet you and work with you. As you can see, we have updated our student handbook and will have a series of steps and events to follow to support you in learning all that is necessary to be the best student at Mount Si High School. We will continue with our PRIDE Actions and show PRIDE Everyday as a Wildcat. In order to start this journey together, I believe it is valuable for us to get to know each other and our stories. Here is a bit about me that will be important for you to know…

My journey as an educator started in 1998 as a high school math teacher working with students with IEPs and behavioral supports at Auburn Riverside High School. This journey led me to see I could make a larger impact with a school by becoming an administrator and I have spent the last 23 years doing this work. I love school and especially high school. My commitment to you as students is that you will see me as kind, compassionate, and clear. You will know what is expected of you as a student and community member and you will know what we stand for here at Mount Si. As a student you have the opportunity to be the type of student that MAKES THINGS HAPPEN, WATCHES THINGS HAPPEN, OR WONDERS WHAT HAPPENED. There is time and place in life for all three and yet our goal together is to be the type of humans that make things happen the majority of our time.

Here is what I stand for as an educator:

  • I stand for equity, inclusion, and access for all students (come by and ask me my story).

  • I stand for choice and the power to choose your journey.

  • I stand for opportunity and the role our school plays in providing you the opportunities to find your passions and drives that will make you the most successful student and adult.

  • I stand for love, compassion, clarity, and fun. I will care about you enough to push you as hard as possible to meet your goals and support you along the way. I want this place to be fun, safe, and full of experiences that you can remember for a lifetime.

I am thrilled to be your principal and look forward to our journey together over the course of several years.

Deb Hay (She/Her)

Principal Mount Si High School