Overall Attendance Philosophy

Being at school matters ... a lot. You only have 720 days to be a Wildcat. Showing up every day helps build good habits that carry over into college and career. Students who get up (and show up) every day are more likely to repeat this pattern once they land a job or enroll in college. Research shows that missing 10% of school, or about 18 days per year, negatively affects a student's academic performance (Attendance Works). This section is devoted to helping students and parents understand Mount Si High School's attendance policies and procedures.

Parents with questions or concerns about their student’s attendance should log onto Family Access or call 425-831-0203 for a current status report. As another resource, parents can also sign up in Family Access (under parent notifications) to receive daily email notifications of their student’s absences. 

It's all about the absences ... 

And then there are "Excessive Absences"

We run attendance reports weekly, and we look for patterns in student attendance. When we notice a student has missed 3 or more days in the year, they are flagged for review, and we verify their excused absences are valid.  We then monitor their attendance for the remainder of the school year.

If, after review and investigation, the pattern of absences  - excused or unexcused - is determined to be unnecessary in nature, they fall under the category of "excessive absences." 

In this way, even excused absences can stack up and lead to Chronic Absences.

What about family vacations?

We strongly encourage families to take trips during designated non-school days. Students only have 180 days to receive instruction every year, and everyday counts.  Missing more than the normally identified days off (school vacation such as winter or spring break) places an undue  burden on both the student and school staff.

If parents must schedule family trips during school days, a Planed Absence form is required to be completed and submitted to avoid adverse academic impact. Please follow this process:

The criteria listed above will determine whether the absence will be excused. 

Students should ask for homework prior to absence, and at teacher discretion, homework may be due immediately upon return.

Extenuating Circumstances?

What if I have a legitimate reason for missing school? Am I done?

Absolutely not! Remember, the process of putting students on an attendance contract is only done after a thorough review and investigation of the individual student's circumstances. We realize things happen. We also realize some of our students miss more school than they should for - quite honestly - some pretty silly reasons (oversleeping, coming to school but missing class, etc.) . Again, we're hoping to help students build positive habits which will translate over into the workforce and college. Our purpose is to help both students and parents proactively support student attendance. Because, let's face it, attendance matters!