Driving and Vehicles

Student Pick-up / Drop off & Parking

In an effort to increase staff and student safety on the campus of Mount Si High School, as well as traffic congestion on surface streets, student pick-up and drop-off is only conducted at the student dropoff area marked with the red stars. Parents dropping off or picking up a student with a physical disability can utilize the designated visitor parking spaces in front of the school. Thanks for helping us minimize congestion and maximize student safety by not using the bus loop, student parking lot, or surface streets in front of or adjacent to the school as a drop-off/pick-up area before and after school. 

Driving / Parking Regulations for MSHS

It is a privilege for MSHS students to operate and park a motor vehicle on campus. By issuing a permit, SVSD and/or MSHS does not assume liability for any property damage to any private vehicle parked on its property. Due to limited parking spaces, MSHS students are encouraged to use district-provided transportation or carpool with fellow students. To support safety and security on campus, students driving vehicles to MSHS will follow these principles:

(Completing a Parking Application Form in anticipation of getting a license sometime during the year is not allowed. Parking application should be completed once the student has earned their license and we will issue parking permits on a rolling basis.)

Off Campus Parking Considerations

In support of Wildcat spirit and maintaining good relationships with our campus neighbors, students are discouraged from parking within residential areas surrounding Mount Si High School. However, after the student lots are full, students may need to find parking in an area not controlled by the district. In these instances, we invite students to understand and follow state laws and city municipal codes:

Students who fail to follow city parking laws are subject to traffic citations by Snoqualmie Valley Police Department.

In addition to local and state parking laws, we encourage students to: