Driving and Vehicles

Student Pick-up/Drop-off and Parking

In an effort to increase staff and student safety on the campus of Mount Si High School, as well as traffic congestion on surface streets, student pick-up and drop-off is only conducted at the student dropoff area marked with the red stars. Parents dropping off or picking up a student with a physical disability can utilize the designated visitor parking spaces in front of the school. Thanks for helping us minimize congestion and maximize student safety by not using the bus loop, student parking lot, or surface streets in front of or adjacent to the school as a drop-off/pick-up area before and after school.

Student Driving / Parking

It is a privilege for MSHS students to operate and park a motor vehicle on campus. By issuing a permit, SVSD and/or MSHS does not assume liability for any property damage to any private vehicle parked on its property. Due to limited parking spaces (420 student parking spaces), MSHS students are encouraged to use district-provided transportation or carpool with fellow students To support safety and security on campus, students driving vehicles to MSHS will follow these principles:

  1. Only currently enrolled 11th and 12th grade MSHS students will be issued parking permits on a first come first serve basis, once they have completed the Parking Application Form and have met the following criteria: provide a copy of a current, valid drivers license, proof of insurance, a signed MSHS Student Driving & Parking Consent Form, and have cleared all fines and fees. Completing a Parking Application Form in anticipation of getting a license sometime during the year is not allowed. (If there are unassigned permits after the first week of school, the application process will open for all grade levels on a first come, first served basis, until all permits are assigned. Students who do not pick up their parking pass within the first two weeks of school will forfeit the permit and it will be reassigned to another student.)

  2. Vehicles must properly display a valid MSHS parking placard

  3. Parking permits only grant access to parking lots A & B, on a first come, first serve, space-available basis. The staff/visitor parking lots are reserved for staff and visitors.

  4. Student vehicles are to be parked in one parking space upon arrival at school. Saving or reserving spots for other students is not appropriate.

  5. The parking lot is closed to students during the school day in order to help prevent theft and/or vandalism.

  6. To maximize student safety, drivers will exercise due regard - which is reasonable and prudent driving under the conditions presented.

Parking Violations

Students may be subject to fines for parking violations. Failure to abide by these guidelines will be subject to progressive discipline and possible revocation of all parking privileges. Parking violations will result in a $15.00 fine. Students with outstanding fines will not be allowed to purchase a parking pass. During school hours, the parking lots are closed. Students who have a legitimate need to return to their vehicles during the school day will check in with an administrator and obtain permission. Violation of the check-in procedure could result in a referral. Excessive parking fines may result in disciplinary action. Irresponsible/dangerous driving may result in disciplinary action and/or loss of parking privilege.

Violation of the MSHS Parking Regulations could result in the loss of parking privileges.

Off Campus Parking Considerations

In support of Wildcat spirit and maintaining good relationships with our campus neighbors, students are discouraged from parking within residential areas surrounding Mount Si High School. However, after the student lots are full, students may need to find parking in an area not controlled by the district. In these instances, we invite students to understand and follow state laws and city municipal codes:

  • Avoid parking within 5 feet of driveways

  • Avoid parking within 6 feet of mailboxes

  • Avoid parking within 30 feet of a stop sign

  • Avoid parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant

  • Avoid parking within 20 feet of a crosswalk

  • Wheels must be within 12 inches of the curb

Students who fail to follow city parking laws are subject to traffic citations by Snoqualmie Valley Police Department.

In addition to local and state parking laws, we encourage students to:

  • Be considerate of the vehicle/music noise you may be generating in non-school areas

  • Be thoughtful by refraining from littering

  • Be mindful of posted speed limits and practice courteous driving habits

  • Be vigilant in watching for small children and pedestrians - driving slowly allows you to stop quickly

  • Be aware that on specific days, garbage collection may reduce the amount of curbside parking - moving residents’ garbage collection containers would be inappropriate

  • Be courteous by keeping your vehicle clear from driveways, crosswalks, mailboxes, etc.