ASB, Athletics, Activities

ASB, Athletics, and Activities

Mount Si High School has an elected representative form of student government designed to empower students to become effective leaders both on campus and in their own community. All students are encouraged to participate in MSHS activities and are eligible to run for elected office providing they comply with the rules and regulations stated in the ASB constitution. Through participation, planning, and implementation, ASB/activities provide students with the opportunity to explore various components of what it means to be an effective member of a group or team, an essential skill for success in any endeavor. 

EVERY student gets a student ID card. The student government, through the ASB Constitution, has determined that all who participate in interscholastic sports, or in any organized student activity receiving ASB funds, are expected to have purchased an ASB card. The difference between a student ID card and an ASB card is a logo or sticker indicating you have paid for an ASB card. ASB cards may be purchased online in August as well as in the finance office during lunch or before and after school. An ASB card provides the holder the following privileges: free entrance to all HOME league sports events and reduced entrance fees to away  games and ASB-sponsored dances (bring ASB card with you). Students are expected to have their ID card on them at all times during the school day and at school evening events both on and off campus.  Generally speaking, it's a good idea to always have your ASB/ID card on you.


MSHS students experience two types of assemblies during the school day: pep/spirit assemblies and educational assemblies

Pep/Spirit Assemblies

Pep assemblies are a privilege and held for the benefit of students. Students are to sit with their graduating class (9, 10, 11, and 12). Backpacks and bags remain in the classroom. Students not wishing to attend a pep assembly will check into the Library  until the assembly is completed.  Students in both areas are expected to follow protocols to avoid a discipline referral or loss of privileges. 

Educational Assemblies

These assemblies are mandatory unless excused by administration. Behavior protocols for these assemblies are much different than those for pep assemblies. At this type of assembly students show their respect by maintaining a quiet and dignified atmosphere which treats those making the presentation with dignity they deserve. Socializing with friends, using electronic devices, or other disruptive behavior can result in disciplinary action. 


School dances are incredible opportunities to socialize and build positive relationships with fellow students. To help maintain a safe and socially supportive environment, we have developed the following guidelines:

Field Trips

To be eligible to participate in a school-sponsored field trip, students are required to turn in parent and teacher permission forms prior to t. Communication will come from advisor in regards to which students will be attending.  Students should notify their teachers of attendance and teachers should sign off as a receipt of acknowledgement.  Students need to be in good standing academically, behaviorally, and with attendance in order to participate. Some teachers or programs may have additional protocols that need to be followed.

Publicity and Posters

The ASB advisor or designee must approve any publicity for elections, dances, or other activities. Posters should not be placed on painted surfaces as the tape removes the paint or on windows, doors or display cases. To help prevent damage to surfaces, use blue painters tape, tack boards, and wooden bulletin boards to post signs. The students who take the responsibility for putting up the signs must also insure signs are not on the ground and that they take down the signs and tape appropriately. 


Yearbooks are on sale only during designated times. Make sure to purchase your yearbook during this window as there many not be another purchase window for the rest of the year. 

Yearbooks may be purchased online through the Online Payment System or before school and during lunches at the finance window.


The athletic department of Mount Si High School is comprised of many different and diverse activities that provide an opportunity for students to experience growth and development as young adults. Over 60 coaches, who recognize the educational value of these activities as an extension of our classrooms, work with our student athletes to cultivate an atmosphere of competition, dedication, and good sportsmanship. Being a Wildcat Student Athlete is a privilege, and with that privilege comes the responsibility to uphold the standards set forth in our athletic code, in effect 365 days a year, to be a positive role model on and off the field of play. Wildcat Athletes are expected to train and compete hard, be good citizens, be responsible students, respect their opponents, and learn the positive life lessons that come with participation in athletics that will last a lifetime.

Eligibility and Requirements

The rules and regulations of the WIAA, Snoqualmie Valley School District, and the KINGCO League govern each athlete. Check the high school's athletic code for additional details. The full text of the Athletic Code is available here. Before a student may turn out for a sport they must complete the MSHS online athletic registration process.  Student-athletes are required to attend school full-time (7 classes) to meet WIAA eligibility standards to participates in sports, have a current sports physical on file, medical insurance, grades, attendance, residency, behavior, etc. 

Practice & Game Day Athletic Eligibility

Athletes must attend at least three full periods during the day or secure administrative approval to be eligible to participate in practice or compete that day in an athletic event.

Attendance at Athletic Events

Once a student spectator has entered an athletic contest, they will not be allowed to re-enter if they leave the field/gym at any time during the course of the contest. Any student suspended from school (Out of School) is not eligible to participate in or attend any school-sponsored activity. All school rules/policies will be enforced at athletic events.

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